IMaBs Delegate Two Students to Study in Thailand

Januari 18, 2018 oleh : superadmin-man

International Program of Management and Business FEB UMY delegate two students to participate one of student mobility which is exchange student program in Thailand. Yovita Mandasari (2016) accepted to study in Maejo University. Maejo University located at Chiangmai, one hour from Bangkok City, said Yovita. In the other hand, Muhammad Aufandi Wahyu Isnanta(2016) accepted to study in Khon Kaen University. Aufandi will fly to Thailand on January, but Yovita will fly to Thailand in the mid of December.

Friday, December 15th, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business UMY, Head of Department of Management, and Director of IMaBs held exchange students to Thailand farewell ceremony. Yovita and Aufandi got advices from them to take care of their self and maintaining UMY’s good reputation.

In the same day, Director of IMaBs also held exchange student farewell ceremony with IMaBs students batch 2016. Mrs.Indah Fatmawati give lot of advices to them in order to participate in study activities well at their new universities. Yovita and Aufandi Class Mates also advice the two of them to take care of their self, keep to stay healthy, and always raise Shalat in Thailand.

Yovita and Aufandi looking for support and prayer from the big family of IMaBs to maintain good reputation of IMaBs, Department of Management and Faculty of Economic and Business UMY.

Good Luck Yovita and Aufandi. All blessing for both of you in Thailand…….

Credit: IMaBs UMY